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Japanese ceramics / tableware

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Thank you for being interested in the tableware of Japan.
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Company profile:

(We don't have English speaking operator.
So,please use inquiry form in English.)


Products - what to choose:
: What kind of products should I order when opening a Japanese restaurant?
A1: Please let us propose our products.
We can give you proposals for sushi restaurants, noodle restaurants etc.
You are most welcome to contact us for further information about your type of restaurant.

: Which costs should I be aware of when ordering?
A2: The prices shown in our catalogues are the prices for the products only.
You will be charged costs like
transportation, insurance (during transport), custom clearence fee, VAT and custom charge dependning on your countrys legislation etc.
VAT and custom fee differs from country to country. If you have contact to a forwarder, we suggest that you use this forwarder to arrange the transportation. We will assist your forwarder so everything works out.

Delivery time:
When can I expect to have the products if I order today?
A3: We need about 1 month to produce the products. It is possible to send the products out earlier than the schedule if there is a stock at the bank transfer.
As the transportation , it depends on the factors below.
1. Where the products should be sent to
2. How the products should be sent (air or sea freight)
We can give you much information when you give us the order lists.

: How and when should I pay for the goods?
A4: The products are prepared by doing the bank transfer when you order.
When you have confirmed your order, we will send you an invoice where all the payment details are listed. As soon as we have received your payment, we keep the products in stock for you ,or we start to produce the goods in case of stock shortage.

Credit Card:
: Can I pay by credit card?
A5: No, credit card payment is not awailable.


: Are there any paper-catalogues available?
A6: No. We have only WEB catalogues.

: I would like to have samples. Do you send samples for free?
A7: No. Unfortunately we will have to charge normal prices, transportation costs etc for all samples.

Who can buy:
: If I am not a company, but a private person, can I then buy products from you?
A8: Yes.However, when it is a small amount, the transportation costs are bigger than the costs of products.
There will be a case that an order is not accepted, when the quantity is too small.

Transport insurance:
: Is the item insured during transportation? What happens if some items get damage under transportation.
A9: It follows the customer's judgment for transportation.
The products recommends a careful transportation method because they are breakable to be transporting. The transport insurance can be put according to the transportation method.
Because our company cannot make amends directly for transportation, we recommend using a careful transportation method like palletization with the transport insurance.
We can arrange the transportation and the insurance, if you want.

: Is it possible to cancel an order?
A10: You can change or cancel the order before the bank transfer.
But, it is not possible after the bank transfer.

Custom duty / VAT:
: Do I have to pay custom duty, VAT etc?
A11: You will have to pay the custom duty and VAT to your local custom office.

: Do you give discount?
A12: Yes. We can give you some discount if your order is large.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Click the Order / inquriy form.




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